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NEEDLIPS.COM is a registered trademark of WHITEFOX DESIGN
Based in V.Saraceni 5 , 71016 San Severo VAT number 03823570712 .

Application of the general conditions of sale

Orders placed through the website WWW.NEEEDLIPS.COM imply full acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.   

Validity of prices

Our prices are aimed exclusively at orders placed from Italy and with a delivery address in Italy.

The articles visible on the website are available while stocks last.

Presentation of products

The products we offer for sale are described and represented as faithfully as possible.

Price of products

NeedLips¬†wants to offer its customers the best prices on the online market, adapting them to¬†the¬†user’s needs¬†.¬†The prices that appear crossed out refer to the initial price of the product on our website.¬†The price written in large¬†is the current price including VAT.¬†VAT is included in all item prices.¬†NeedLips¬†has the right to¬†change its prices at any time.¬†In the event that a price is changed, the customer will pay for the products at the price in effect during the registration of his order.¬†¬†

Order and Secure Payment

Bank Transfer:¬†You can pay by deposit or bank transfer to the account number that will be sent to you by e-mail, in the easiest and fastest way.¬†Credit card¬†: You can pay with your credit card without incurring additional costs.¬†This form of payment is immediate, convenient and safe.¬†NeedLips¬†will not use this data or have access to it for other actions.¬†Remember that with each new order you can add as many cards as you like to make the process quicker.¬†For future purchases and for your convenience if set, at the time of payment, the system will show you your card details in encrypted form.¬†If you wish to reactivate this function, you must access the “My payment methods” section of your profile and delete the corresponding card.¬†Pay using PayPal:¬†Pay securely with your PayPal account or by credit or debit card, protecting your financial information.¬†PayPal automatically encrypts confidential data with the¬†help¬†of the best technologies available on the market.¬†Orders paid with PayPal will not undergo any price change on the total amount.¬†Paying with PayPal:¬†NeedLips¬†has signed an agreement with the PayPal service provider that allows you to simplify the payment.¬†To make purchases through PayPal more conveniently, we will ask you only once to authorize¬†NeedLips¬†to make payments with your PayPal account.¬†By giving your authorization, you will be able to make future payments on¬†NeedLips¬†with PayPal without having to re-enter your account details on the service provider’s page.¬†If you have created a payment agreement with PayPal by checking the “Remember PayPal details” box and want to cancel the agreement, you can do so through your PayPal account.¬†Point1: Explanation “Reference¬†Transaction¬†” By¬†identifying yourself with¬†paypal¬†on you authorize the identification and validation of payments.¬†The data will be stored at all stages of payment and identification.¬†In this way, the transactions of your purchases will be simpler and faster, you will not have to re-enter your data each time or re-accept payment agreements.¬†Step2: How to cancel a payment agreement?¬†Log into your PayPal account, log into “My Account” and select “Profile”.¬†Go to “Payment Settings” and click on “Payment Preferences” or “Automatic Payments”¬†


NeedLips¬†reserves the right not to process a customer’s order in the event that the latter has not paid or partially paid for an order in progress.¬†This applies equally to all cases in which there is an open dispute relating to the payment of the order as well as in the event that there are indications of fraud in the payment, and finally if the customer has not made the payment by bank transfer.¬†NeedLips¬†checks all orders registered on the web page.¬†These controls are intended to protect¬†NeedLips¬†from violations, abuse and scam attempts.¬†Our Customer Service Department may request all the documents it deems necessary to validate an order (certificate of residence or receipt of payment in the name of the customer, etc.).¬†These requests will be forwarded by e-mail or by telephone:¬†– In the event that the delivery address is different from the billing address.¬†– In the case of a new customer.¬†– In the case of orders that exceed 150 euros in spending.¬†– In the case of orders that require payment by cash on delivery.¬†– In case there are indications of credit card fraud.

Payment security


Terms of Delivery

The deliveries of our products are directed not only to Italy , but also to the following European countries: Portugal, England, Germany, France, Spain , Holland, Belgium, Austria and Poland.

We inform you that orders are not sent to San Marino.

For any shipments to countries not listed above, it is necessary to consult the Customer Care department.

Our orders are prepared from Monday to Friday and the preparation and delivery times refer to working days (excluding holidays).

rates Our transportation rates are standard. Deliveries are made during working hours, from 9:00 to 19:00, in accordance with the management of the courier in each country.

Preparation and shipping times
Orders are shipped the next working day following their fulfillment. For the delivery it is necessary to consider from 3 to 5 days depending on the country and the mode of transport selected. We remind you that Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not to be considered among them.

Public holidays in the community of San Severo than national parties will also be considered com and holidays for NeedLips .com.

However, we will notify customers via banners and social media channels.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The delivery may take longer due to force majeure or fortuitous accidents independent from the will and management of NeedLips .

Guarantee of originality

All our products are original and have been obtained in compliance with the European Union legislation. They have not been modified or manipulated and therefore are free to be transported within the European Economic market.

Return of defective products or bad condition. Legal guarantee.

Guarantee. Return of non-compliant products

Despite our strict quality controls, for reasons other than our will, you may receive an unwanted item, with a manufacturing defect or in bad condition. NeedLips undertakes this under the terms established in the consumer protection legislation. According to this legislation, the products have a two-year warranty from the date of delivery. The consumer must inform of the lack of conformity within 10 days and return the product with original packaging and undamaged and dispersed labeling . NeedLips is not liable for negligent or improper use of the acquired product. In the event of a defective product or in bad condition, we will replace it. Our haulier will take care of collecting the defective product. It is essential that you keep a copy of the sales invoice. Once the conditions for the replacement of the product have been verified, a new one will be sent to him without delay. All management will be completely free for the consumer. Right of waiver. Process of change or devolution NeedLips offers its customers the possibility to carry out a devolution of their requests. If they are not satisfied, we give them their money back. However, due to health protection and hygiene reasons, we do not accept the return of cosmetic products, creams, shampoos, soaps, gels, hairdressing products, sexy toys etc. . . In order to exercise his right of withdrawal, the consumer must make him aware of the Profumi Club by the means he deems convenient (mail), e-mail, fax, etc.). For this, you can use, although it is not mandatory, the form available through the following union: waiver document, which adapts to the model annexed to the law for the defense of the rights of consumers and users, RDLeg . 1/2007 of November 16 .

Conditions for changes or devolutions.

The customer counts on a period of 14 calendar days to exercise his right of renunciation, starting from the date of acceptance¬†of¬†the article¬†.¬†it is not necessary to indicate a reason for exercising the right of waiver.¬†For greater agility in the process, we thank that the customer follows the procedure detailed below, although it is not mandatory for the exercise of the rights contemplated in this section.¬†Step1: Contact through the secluded “Returns” in your user account to communicate that you wish to return your application.¬†You can also use and return the waiver document model mentioned above, by sending it through our contact form.¬†We will immediately send you confirmation of the response to your request.¬†Step2: Prepare a package equal to how you received it, with all the products to be returned inside and close well, we will¬†email you¬†a label to print and stick on it.¬†You will have to bear the direct cost of returning the assets.¬†Step3: Once the items have been received,¬†NeedLips¬†will return the total amount paid for you minus the cost of return: cost of collection and management of replenishment to the warehouse.¬†NeedLips¬†reserves the right to compensate for the difference between the value of the items delivered to the customer and returned for this in the following cases:¬†When the products have been used or manipulated in an improper or negligent way or do not conform to its characteristics by the Customer¬†When the products have been damaged or deteriorated.¬†When the return for the customer does not take place in its original box for product¬†When the lack of conformity is due to wear and tear for its normal use.¬†If you modify, alter or replace some of the data on the ticket or purchase receipt.¬†If you manipulate the serial or identification number of the product.¬†If all of its elements, accessories, cases or boxes are not returned with the product.¬†


In all phases of navigation from access to the site, to questions, to filling out forms, to orders, to the delivery of items or any other service, NeedLips assumes no responsibility in case of damage or impediments due to the use of the network. Internet. NeedLips will not be held responsible in case of anomalies in the administration of the service, external intrusions or computer viruses. Likewise, the cases that the Supreme Court considers force majeure under the legislation, totally exonerate NeedLips from this responsibility.  

Intellectual Property Protection

The content of this web page is the property of WhiteFox Design . Intellectual Property legislation recognizes the exclusive right to such content. Therefore, WhiteFox Design . forbids partial or total use to third parties, unless otherwise agreed and in writing. Consequently, the total or partial reproduction, by any physical or electronic means, of the content of this web page is expressly prohibited. WhiteFox Design . will take all appropriate legal measures to avoid the unauthorized use of the contents of the web page www.  



Discount vouchers are received through the sponsorship system or through the company’s marketing initiatives.

Coupons can be transferable, but only one coupon can be used per order.

Promotional codes may be subject to particular terms and conditions of use that will appear in the shipment or publication of the same. The conditions can provide for a minimum cost, establish a concrete period of validity or be valid only for the first purchase of a new customer.

Promotions and discounts cannot be combined. Therefore the discount coupons will not be applied to the products indicated as “offer”.


The contests organized by NeedLips are open to participation and do not require an expense on the site. They are aimed at residents of Italy. The winners of the contests will be notified by e-mail or by telephone, in which they will be informed of the win. The prize will not be compatible or cumulative with other promotions. Except in exceptional cases, discount vouchers are valid for three months while gift vouchers are valid for one year. If the amount of the gift certificate is less than the value of the order, the customer will have to pay the difference through the available payment methods. By providing their e-mail address, participants automatically agree to receive the NeedLips newsletter . NeedLips reserves the right to postpone or cancel a contest and will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise during the duration of the operation. Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of the regulation. The regulation may be modified at any time through the introduction of an additional clause by the organizer, respecting the established conditions. Any scam or attempted scam that is carried out for the purpose of receiving a benefit unfairly may have legal consequences.

Product comments and ratings

All comments must comply with the participation rules set out below and always respect other users. If not, NeedLips reserves the right to deny the publication of such comments.  

  • Comments will not be accepted whose content is deemed to be defamatory, oppressive, disparaging, outrageous or contrary to Spanish law, including those that are an apology for terrorism or violence in general, or those that may involve any violation of children’s rights and childhood.
  • Comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory for sexual identity or that in general can be interpreted as an attack on any group or minority on the basis of aspects such as: nationality, sex, religion, age, physical handicap will not be allowed. or mental.
  • Comments may not contain threats, insults, personal attacks or attacks on other forum participants.
  • Comments containing spam, commercial advertising or copyrighted material will not be allowed.
  • Comments whose sole purpose is clearly to damage or sabotage the discussion (for example: a paragraph, a link, a sentence, etc. repeated 25 times) will be deleted.
  • Comments with indecent or pornographic content may be deleted in the event that considers that they may harm the rights of its potential underage readers.

NeedLips reserves the right to completely delete comments that do not comply with this regulation or that it considers unsuitable for the topic. NeedLips will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through its participation tools.  

Website changes

NeedLips reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate on the web page, without prior notice. You may change, delete or add content and services or the way they are presented and arranged on the website.

Applicable Legislation

The relationship between WhiteFox Design and the user will be governed by the Italian legislation in force.

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